Why choose Mexico for tourism?

Mexico is one of the most visited countries for purely tourist reasons. This country abounds in enormous tourist assets that leave no visitor unnoticed. Its natural riches, climate and culture attract over 4 million tourists a year. Choosing Quintana Roo… Continue Reading

What is ESG reporting ?

When it comes to sustainability and ESG strategies, companies have moved from using compostable straws to integrating sustainability into their business practices, processes, product development, operations and strategy. To help them in this race for extra-financial valuation, many labels and… Continue Reading

What to know about Joseph Lau?

Lau owns a 61% stake in Chinese Estates Holdings, and his fortune is estimated by Forbes to be $15.1 billion as of April 2017. Lau is an avid art collector, and in 2017, Forbes estimated the value of his collection… Continue Reading

What to know about Findymail?

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Why choose a youth hostel?

Youth hostels have been popular for many years and continue to be a hit. The concept of youth hostels has evolved from being for young travellers to being the preferred type of accommodation for all ages. There are several reasons… Continue Reading

A special platform for travel influencers !

Today, digital technology plays an important role in marketing and sales strategies. Thus, for holders of large companies, especially hotels, it is possible to make reservations directly on specialized sites. Discover here this marketing strategy that involves travel influencers. Techniques… Continue Reading

Artistic creation at your service

Works of art from other eras or contemporary have an undeniable usefulness on the life of men. They can allow to express different emotions and contribute to reconcile the man with himself. In the rest of this article, we will… Continue Reading

Some types of art photography

Photography itself is an art. An art that allows to immortalize moments of life. A smile, a birth, a wedding, nature are all things that can come out in beauty thanks to a wonderful capture of the photographer. Photography is… Continue Reading

Cider: how is it made?

Cider is a drink made from the alcoholic fermentation of pressed apple juice. It is alcoholic and can be used to make other products such as calvados, vinegar... Its manufacture takes several steps into account and there are several types.… Continue Reading

How to start an e-commerce business?

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How to make money from internet?

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What to know about the IVR phone system

The IVR system is an automatic device that allows customers to communicate with a company without the intervention of a physical person. The human voice is recorded on the internet and has specific information. By following specific instructions, the user… Continue Reading

CBD oil: what you need to know?

CBD is a cannabinoid naturally found in cannabis and hemp (hemp is distinguished from most varieties of cannabis due to its low production of THC). Its extraction is made from the resin or the head of the cannabis plant.  In… Continue Reading

What is hacking?

Data hijacking is an operation that involves the creation of an unauthorised program in a server or terminal to steal data or tamper with information, documents or images. The person involved in this operation is called a "hacker". Find out… Continue Reading

Benefits of CBD on the body

Today, several studies have confirmed that CBD is a major constituent of cannabis. It has many beneficial properties in several areas. In the field of medicine, cannabidiol is a substance that guarantees the treatment and relief of several diseases. So… Continue Reading

Marriage: obligations and advantages

Marriage has legal consequences, which translate partly into obligations and partly into advantages. The advantages of marriage compared to the PACS are found in social rights, labor law and tax matters.  It also has consequences in terms of accommodation and… Continue Reading

How much can you design a chatbot for?

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Top 5 top rated sextoys

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