Cider: how is it made?

Cider is a drink made from the alcoholic fermentation of pressed apple juice. It is alcoholic and can be used to make other products such as calvados, vinegar... Its manufacture takes several steps into account and there are several types. The following article will allow you to know more about this product.

Making apple cider

For the manufacture of cider, there are three categories of apple cider namely: sweet apple, sour apple and bittersweet apple. Its manufacture is done in several stages. Some are very important and others are less so. For the most important steps, we must : - Receive the apples, - Wash and brush the apples, - Press the apples, - Ferment the cider, -Assembling and bottling. The stage where the work is more complex is the fermentation of cider. During this stage, the sugar is transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide under the effect of yeast. For this, it must be filled and hermetically sealed. Fermentation continues in the bottle: this is the natural double fermentation. Maison-Sassy will help you discover high quality ciders

Types of ciders

There are five different types of cider. Ice cider (7 to 13% alcohol and 130 g/l sugar): it is made from cold-frozen pulp or apple that is fermented for months. Rosé cider, which owes its color to red apples, has a rose aroma. The effervescent cider (2 to 12% of alcohol) stimulates the taste buds, has an aroma of vanilla and ripe apple. The still cider is without effervescence (1.5 to 15% of alcohol) has a fruity and acidulous aroma and finally the fire cider. It contains between 9 and 15% of alcohol and is produced by an evaporation process. It has a copper color.