CPI measurement : how to get the accurate results ?

It is normal to seek to know the level of the Body Index. The objective being to be able to react and take action in real time. Therefore, it is necessary to find a solution that meets this need. Since it is essential that the results after taking the load are accurate. This article goes in the direction of the accurate solution of the load.

Simple PCI analysis study case

Before any details about the pressure tool, it is worth noting some specifics. Or outright, go to the cere link to learn more yourself. When a person's load reaches a specific limit, the alarm goes off. This signals the critical load level in the individual. As far as the line to fear, at 20 mmhg, it can already be said that this individual is sick. However, the limit of 15 mmhg is also, the sign that the pressure is high. With the body weight index tool, it was found that there was a clear improvement in the results, on the case of a study of two patients A and B. The pressure of patient A, level 0 from the beginning, did not stop going constantly to level 20. While patient B, had a straightforward, but concerning result. It was just below the 20 line. As said in the previous lines, 15 is already dangerous, and especially if not treated on the left side.

The relevance of the PCI tool

The inaccurate data in this small study show the importance of the accurate measurement tool. It is already tested by several neurologists in Europe, in 11 countries. So it complements and calculates the results of the treatment. Several pieces of information are displayed as a result. Not only a statistical report, but also a report on the hours, precisely the histogram. The processing tool of the ICP is good for a reliable result. The system, in an accuracy, supports a complete analysis of the individual. Starting first with a global examination of the PCI. The data of the cranium are considered. They will allow to invalidate or not the data of the alarm.