Devialet and Huawei: What should we expect from the cooperation?

The Asian technology giant Huawei is setting up new projects to manufacture home appliances. Devialet, the French audio system design company, is associated with one of these big projects: the manufacturing of new TV sets. This new partnership between the two companies will revolutionize the world of TVs, according to Huawei's public announcement.

Previous collaborations

The partnership between Huawei and Devialet is not new stuff. Indeed, the two companies had already worked together on various projects, such as compact connected speakers. The Huawei Sound and the Huawei Sound X are the result of these partnerships.

The Huawei Sound measures approximately 19 cm in height, 14,7 cm in diameter and weights 2,2 kg. It is a bit smaller than the Huawei Sound X, but not less powerful. The wireless speaker has a maximum power of 144 W and stabilizes at volumes of up to 90 dB. Sound surrounds at 360°, thanks to the technology of Devialet, and it has a unique design.

A new day for TV sets in China

The new partnership between Huawei and Devialet deals with smart TV sets that combine great image and audio quality in a light and sparse material. The new TV set will have a three-sided narrow bezel design. A pop-up selfie camera is on its top, and 4 versions will be displayed: 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch. It has many specifications and technology features included, and especially HarmonyOs, Huawei's operating system. This will allow you to play live TV, watch, chat and remotely control the smartphone. The new smart TV sets may only be available in China.

At this point, Devialet's logo will appear on the New TV sets, which was not the case with the compact connected speakers. This will considerably boost the French company’s presence on the Chinese market. This deal is an all-win situation for Devialet.

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