Guide to take Public transportation in Istanbul

Istanbul is a major city in Turkey, is one of the overcrowded cities in the whole world and public transport is well developed there. Visiting this city,  you will need to discover a lot about Istanbul, it is better you use public transport because it is not costly and it will help you manage your time and expenses. 

The public transportations mean in Istanbul

Being an overcrowded city, it is very advising to use public transport anytime you visit Istanbul. This city is well developed in the area of public transport and has various transport means such as tramways, boats, buses, and cars. Visit Worldwide Metro City Guide for more information. In Istanbul, there are a lot of buses for transportation, and most of them function till midnight there are some buses that work in the nighttime as well. To avoid traffic, you can use a Metrobus but it is not ideal to use this transport means when you want to visit the inner part of the city. You can also make use of boats if you want to explore by water means at a lower price, using the boat will help you escape traffics on the roadways. This transport means functions at all times. Another transportation means is the cabs called DOLMUS. These cabs functions throughout the day, they are not costly and most of the citizens make use of them. Other transportation means are the subway but you might not appreciate this because of the limitation of its transport lines. 

How to use public transport in Istanbul

The numerous public transportations mean in Istanbul is not expensive. The cost is based on the distance of the journey. To use the boat, you will have to pay for a ticket or use an Istanbul kart. To access a Metrobus, you will have to buy or recharge if you already have your Istanbul and Mavi kart. The kart is what will get you access to most of the public transportations means in Istanbul.