How do I fix a leaking toilet bowl with a high flange?

Water leaks affect all levels of the house that have plumbing systems. The toilet is one level of a house that is also affected. Some leakage concerns that affect toilet bowls are caused by flanges that are too high. The precaution required in these conditions is very particular.

Raising the bathroom floor

The repair of a leaking toilet bowl is done in a meticulous way. For a better understanding of this repair process, read more. The shims that are useful for securing the structure can be made of rubber. Less expensive and rather accessible in shops, they remain compressed for a long time. Despite this, they are resistant to deterioration and do not require locks. They also make repair work easier. Sand grout should be poured all around the toilet with gaps around the wedges. After 24 hours it is recommended removing the sand grout. However, this can be a bit difficult because the structure is solidifying. But it is not impossible to break them.

Lowering the level of toilet flanges

Adapting the flanges to the floor level is an option that also solves the problems of too high flanges. The water supply at the tap should be turned off. After this action, the water tank is emptied after flushing the system. A spanner is useful at this stage of the repairs. It is used to disconnect the water supply line. Once this has been done, it is important to unscrew the bolts securing the toilet bowl. There are bolts on each of its lower sides. The same spanner is needed to remove the nuts. Immediately after removing them, they should be placed on their side to clean off chemical residues and wax. The flange should be dismantled and adjusted with extensions. The bolts for reassembling the flange should have smaller stripes. Finally, the whole system should be reassembled.