Marriage: obligations and advantages

Marriage has legal consequences, which translate partly into obligations and partly into advantages. The advantages of marriage compared to the PACS are found in social rights, labor law and tax matters.  It also has consequences in terms of accommodation and name.

First asset: the social advantage

One of the strengths of marriage is that the spouse who is not covered on a personal basis can benefit from the status of beneficiary under his spouse and therefore benefit from his social security coverage: sickness insurance;  maternity insurance. This could be wonderful if you choose to celebrate your wedding in Paris.

Second asset: the widowhood allowance

The surviving spouse, following the death of his spouse, may benefit from a widowhood allowance, under certain conditions. The surviving spouse must:  be under 25;  not to live again as a couple: remarriage, PACS or cohabitation ; have quarterly resources of less than 700 euros per month.

Third asset: survivor's pension

Another advantage of marriage is that after age 55, the husband can receive a survivor's pension: 55% of the pension that the deceased spouse was or could have benefited from.

Fourth asset: unemployment benefits

In principle, only dismissal and the end of a fixed-term contract give entitlement to unemployment benefits. But the spouse may exceptionally benefit from unemployment benefits in the event of resignation for legitimate reasons: change of residence within 2 months of the celebration of the marriage: the husband resigns in order to geographically join his spouse.

In the case of change of residence of the spouse for professional reasons: the spouse resigns to follow his spouse who changes residence to take up a new job.

Fifth asset: succession

The transmission of the patrimony to the heirs is organized by law. However, the PACS partner and the cohabiting partner do not have the status of heir, although they are still during the PACS in solidarity with the debts contracted by each for the needs of everyday life.

The surviving PACS partner has no rights to the estate of their deceased partner. To correct this, a will is the best solution. Obtain your model will without delay.