Top 5 top rated sextoys

With the repeated confinements due to the covid 19 pandemic, sexual and romantic relationships have taken a hit. The rate of solitary pleasures is skyrocketing, as is the production and use of sex toys. If you get lost in this multitude of items, here is a list of the best dildos of the moment.

Tenga Egg

Egg series made by Tenga are kinds of cock rings that are meant for partners with penises. It feels like a mortal handjob. The penis is plugged into the egg after its lubrication, and receives vibrations from the masturbator inside it. Plus, the six different eggs provide different sensations to your partner.

Eva II hands-free vibrator

This is a clitorial Vibrator that positively differs from the others. It is the best choice for women that need strong clitorial stimulation before being aroused. The particularity with Eva II hands-free vibrator is that it has "little arms" that maintain it on the clitoris, so you don't need to hold it anymore.

We-Vibe Unite 2 Remote Control Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

We-Vibe Unite is a couple sextoys that can stimulate both your clitoris and your vagina at the same time, thanks to its two arms. The sextoy sends pulsations to your erogenous points and vibrations arouse you. You can ask your partner to penetrate you at the same time: he will also receive the vibrations directly on his penis.

Desire Luxury Vibrating Cock Ring

If you have a male partner or a partner with a penis, then you can try this original vibrating cock ring. Cock rings are particularly produced to make penises last longer and get a fuller erection. This sextoy will render the penis more sensitive. If you go on top of your partner and lead his cock in your vagina, for sure your clitoris will receive stimulation also from the ring's vibrations.

Lelo Sona Cruise Clit Sucker

Clitorial suction toys imitate oral sex by creating and using air pressure around the clitoris. Lelo Sona Cruise Clit Sucker doesn't vibrate against your clitoris, rather makes you feel like being really sucked.