Tourism in Dubai: What you need to know

The reputation of this city in the United Arab Emirates isn’t yet to make. Dubai is the most sophisticated and extravagant touristic region in the world. However, the United Arab Emirates are very fussy about certain details, like any self-respecting Muslim country. It would be better to know what offends the natives before setting foot in their country.

Dress code

Strictly speaking, there is no pre-established dress code in Dubai. However, you will have to make sure you cover yourself completely if you enter a mosque. Women should wear a veil. During your entire visit, avoid cross-dressing and wear decent clothes that do not show any intimate part of your body. Preferably, do not leave your shoulders bare and wear clothes that come down to your knees. You will avoid possible misunderstandings that could make your stay unpleasant.

Alcohol consumption

You may consume any type of alcoholic beverage available in a restaurant or in your hotel. Consumption of alcohol in any other place in Dubai is prohibited. Driving while intoxicated is, of course, a criminal offence. As the state gives permits for the supply of alcohol to the facilities, you will be in trouble if you get caught with alcohol from an illegal source.

Indecent exposure

You should know that the LGBT community is not really welcome in that part of the world, so avoid showing too much affection in public. Even if you’re straight, you should still avoid kissing or fondling each other outdoors.


Last on the list is vulgarity. You can be handcuffed and even put to sleep in a cell just for sticking your tongue out at someone in the street, or for using an insult. If you are short-tempered by nature, you will have to make great efforts to cultivate and maintain patience throughout your stay in Dubai.

Always have these in mind, if you want to experience a peaceful and pleasant time in Dubai.

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