Visit to Riquewihr : what to do to spend unforgettable moments ?

Riquewihr is considered today as one of the most magnificent destinations to visit in France. According to some surveys, it is a village that offers visitors a warm and ideal setting. You can come here for a retreat of a few days alone or for a short romantic break with your partner. Found in the heart of the Alsace wine route, this village has many wonders that will give you countless memories. Do you want to visit this place on your next vacation ? Know that you can get there by plane, train or by road. Once there, various activities and places to visit await you for a unique experience. There is no doubt that you will want to repeat this experience each year alone or accompanied.

Visit the rue du general de Gaulle

Are you planning to go to Riquewihr for your next trip ? When you take into account all the things to do in riquewihr, it's a choice that you will certainly not regret as a destination. Why not start by visiting the rue du General de Gaulle ? 

This symbolic street begins at the bottom of the town hall and continues to the Dolder. The latter represents the old belfry of the city. One of the peculiarities of the city is represented by the magnificent houses erected there. 

You will find oriel-style houses from the 16th century, tall half-timbered houses from Alsace, etc. You can also visit the former Berkheim hotel before reaching the Dolder if you wish.

Go to discover the remains of Bilstein Castle

Another particularity of Riquewihr is represented by the presence of numerous castles in the village. Among these, you have Bilstein Castle, which however could not survive the times and the wars waged in the region. 

So, nothing remains but ruins symbolizing this architecture from another era. You can find these ruins in the south of the Strengbach valley located between the Haut de Ribeauvill√© pass and the Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines valley. 

You will notice them on a rocky ridge of the Schlossberg at 700 meters above sea level. By visiting them, you will enjoy a magnificent hike in a peaceful and healthy nature. This will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy a magnificent panorama at this destination.

Visit the wine route

Are you a wine lover ? Riquewihr is certainly one of the most suitable destinations for you. Indeed, there are many wine estates and wine cellars in this charming place. As a well-known wine village, Riquewihr will make you discover many of its countless wonders in the field. 

Among the most popular addresses, you have the Agap√© estate, the Zimmer house, the Tour Blanche estate... A walk on the wine paths would be a perfect activity to do with your partner if you are coming as a couple. 

In addition to learning more about the work in the vineyard and the production of Alsatian wines during this walk, a magnificent panorama awaits you. Once in Riquewihr, you will have no trouble finding where to stay. 

The village has beautiful hotels, charming and unique lodges, a flowery campsite, etc. You are therefore sure to find the option that suits you best and that will perfectly meet your budget.