What to know about Joseph Lau?

Lau owns a 61% stake in Chinese Estates Holdings, and his fortune is estimated by Forbes to be $15.1 billion as of April 2017. Lau is an avid art collector, and in 2017, Forbes estimated the value of his collection at a total of $1 billion. 

Joseph Lau's youth 

As of September 2022, Joseph Lau's net worth is estimated to be around $7.2 billion. Go to this site if you want to get information about Adrian Cheng. Joseph Lau Luen Hung was born on July 21, 1951 in Hong Kong. He has a younger brother and two younger sisters. Lau married Bo Wing-Kam in 1977, and they divorced in 1992. 
He became the majority shareholder of Chinese Estates Holdings when he acquired a 43% stake in the company through Evergo in 1986. Since then, he has expanded his real estate investments through a series of acquisitions. 

Joseph Lau's career 

Joseph Lau reportedly holds a 61% stake in Chinese Estates Holdings, a major Chinese investment holding company based in Hong Kong, China - its subsidiaries primarily engaged in real estate investment and development, brokerage, securities investment and money lending. 

In 2007, Lau was among the top seven buyers of a Boeing 787

 Dreamliner for his own private use, according to the Sunday Times. He also has one of the finest collections of red wines in the world, with at least 10,000 bottles. He is also known as an avid art collector. In 2012, the Macau Court of Final Appeal confirmed that Lau and Steven Lo were involved in the HK$20 million bid to former Macau public works chief Ao Man-long on the offer of five plots of land opposite Macau International Airport.