Wi-Fi connection: what you should know to have a fast network

Due to the era in which we live, it is hard to find a place lacking a Wi-Fi connection. This invisible yet powerful technology allows us to have access to internet and stay in touch with close friends and family no matter how far they are. That being said, every piece of technology has a downside, and when it comes to Wi-Fi, there are some issues that can be encountered.

What are the characteristics of a good Wi-Fi network?

Whether it's for a business or for personal use, a fast and secure Wi-Fi network is crucial. With technology constantly evolving, some major upgrades are necessary to ensure a topnotch connection. NCR Corporation and AT&T Corporation being the original source of the conception of Wi-Fi, they now have hundreds of competitors proposing wireless connectivity with great features. Some of these features include:

  1. High ability for load balancing: Usually, for domestic usage, you will probably not max out the capacity of your Wi-Fi, but in a place where a lot of devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones require a connection, it is important to incorporate high capacity load balancing.
  2. High speed: There’s not much that can be done with a slow network, which is why getting the best and the fastest network provider out there is important. Living in an era in which being able to quickly upload, download, or get access to information, nothing lower than «4G» will do. 
  3. Security: A lot of Wi-Fi networks are easily hacked due to poor security features. It is essential for a good network to have an air-tight security, to avoid hackers to exploit the loop holes in the system.

How to choose the right router?

Carefully choose your router, for it will be a determining factor in the functionality of the Wi-Fi connection. You should first consider how much you are willing to spend on the router, then make sure the internet speed you are paying for is supported by the router. The easiest way to go about it, is to look up local providers in your vicinity.